Custom Sized Bracelets

Jonti Cameron can custom size your bracelets to fit a smaller or larger wrist but if you would like to commission us to make you something totally unique whether to go with a particular outfit or for a special occasion such as a wedding, bridesmaids presents, holiday accessories etc please refer to our commissions section.

If you would like your jewellery uniquely sized. Jonti Cameron can accommodate your needs as every piece is individually handmade.

There will be a small fee of £15 to have an item custom sized as all our pieces are of a general size therefore the components will have to be altered to suit, involving more work.

Please send an email to or call us on 0844 8707 403 with the following details:

Wrist measurement measured exactly but not tightly.

Measured just above the wrist bones on the arm side not the hand side.

State the bracelet that you would like custom sized.

Your name and telephone number incase we need to clarify any information with you before we start making your beautiful Jonti Cameron piece.

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